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italian intermezzo

Dear Blog-readers,
we now take you on a journey south back in spring 2015 – to Italy on the Cique Terre trail. There we spent a week enjoying wonderful food and beautiful scenery :o)

beware! There might be fat guys with a crazy hairstyle, wearing a tie that might want to steal from you…?!

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Going Solo

The second part of our walk down memory lane is a solo-tour: In autumn 2014 Chris was hiking for 12 days in Lapland/Sweden on the Kungsleden trail.

Welcome at the airport in Stockholm

Making use of power as long as it’s still available, especially since there are USB-sockets! At least that was some sensible use of time […]

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Scotland reloaded

Dear Readers,
you might have noticed that there wasn’t too much going on here recently. Due to a desperate try to conquer the stack of memories you will now get a variety of updates of our recent travels.
Chapter 1 is another trip to Scotland back in autumn 2014 featuring Kathi’s mom Annette.
Chris and Kathi :o)




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The Time of Challenges
and Testing Limits.
The Time of Reaching Limits
and Going Further Still.
The Time of Discovering Unexpected Strengths.
The Time of Catching a Breath.
The Time of Books.
The Time of Spreading Wings
and Finding Roots.
The Time of Good Intentions.
The Time of Learning Fast
and Then Learning Faster.
The Time of Survival.
The Time of Exploring.
The Time of Islands, the Highlands
and Solitude.
The […]

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Tales of never ending Days

After we got back from Thorsmörk, we went to Reykjavik in order to get a rental car. The schedule for the next 11 days: exploring the ring road (also called the „golden circle“) of Iceland. So we pass our time with enjoying the beautiful landscape, watching sunsets and sunrises and camping of course. After the […]

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66° North – Land of Ice and Fire

July 22nd – July 31st 2013
More than 30°C out there and no end of the heat period in sight. On top of that, we really reached the end of pretty much everything… energy, smiles, … . So what to do? Of course the only thing that really works for us – back to the roots […]

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August 18th 2012
It’s been a while since we have returned back to Germany… a year and a week to be exact! And we thought we are still in the phase of getting-used-to-being-back-home…
On the other hand quite a lot of things have happened in the meantime. Chris and I declared our project “testing whether we get […]

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