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Dear Readers,
you might have noticed that there wasn’t too much going on here recently. Due to a desperate try to conquer the stack of memories you will now get a variety of updates of our recent travels.
Chapter 1 is another trip to Scotland back in autumn 2014 featuring Kathi’s mom Annette.
Chris and Kathi :o)




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The Time of Challenges
and Testing Limits.
The Time of Reaching Limits
and Going Further Still.
The Time of Discovering Unexpected Strengths.
The Time of Catching a Breath.
The Time of Books.
The Time of Spreading Wings
and Finding Roots.
The Time of Good Intentions.
The Time of Learning Fast
and Then Learning Faster.
The Time of Survival.
The Time of Exploring.
The Time of Islands, the Highlands
and Solitude.
The […]

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