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Sunday, December 12th 2010

12:30am: almost finished packing. We are scared not to hear our alarm in the morning so we finish the day with a farewell-beer and farewell-cocktail. We are a bit worried whether our laundry will be back in time and ideally reasonably dry. Really everything packed that can be packed now? check. At least our cameras and other technical stuff in drybags? check. have we ordered our boat taxi for 8:30? check. Is the departure time of the ferry really 10am? check. When was the check-in time again? at nine. check.

1am-6am: waking up every half an hour up to an hour because of rain, storm and thunderstorm. Great! This is going to be a wooooonderful day for traveling. Promising for being wonderfully adventurous at least :o)

6:50am: getting up, showering, getting dressed etc and finnishing the packing. Check of the general situation: cold, rain, slippery ground, storm every now and then.

7:55am: breakfast, laundry packed up in our backpacks, payed our bills. more rain showers to come.

8:10am: our taxi called: the waves on this side of the island apparently are too high and therefore too dangerous.. it’s not coming. Quick look on the watch and quick panic attack – then busy organising a motorbike taxi at least for our backpacks to Pattaya Beach. The guys from the hostel promise to take care of that and we start walking to Pattaya Beach, only carrying the daypacks.

8:45am: totally surprised, Kathi falls in a 60cm-deep pool of mud and hurts her knee. [*squeal*, then the only important thought: „not the camera! not the camera!“] Camera safe? check. Rain again.

8:55am: ferry doesn’t go today. But we could take the speedboat which leaves at 9am (whichis in 5 min)… we just have to go to the Immigration Office at the other end of Pattaya Beach and buy a ticket, then walk to the other side of the island to Sunset beach where the speedboat will wait for us if we hurry. Now raining heavier and constantly. At least it’s washing down the mud from my body. And where might be our backpacks?

9am: a guy, totally soaked arrived on a motorbike, carrying both our backpacks. Respect. How did he get over the mud with a motorbike? AND the bags hanging on his body? On the way to the Immigration Office.

9.15am: The Immigration Office resembles more a Moroccan market. Apparently, yesterday every transportation from the island was canceled because of the weather and now everyone is trying to get a ticket, behaving as if it was an auction. A lady with a pink umbrella, wildly gesturing and with a strong Thai-accent: „Koh Hai? Do you have a ticket?“ „Yes, now we do.“ „Good, leave your bags there [pointing at some place in the mud] and start walking to Sunset Beach. We will bring your bags. [Yelling:] Koh Bulone, Koh Muk, Koh Hai, Koh Lanta this way! But not Koh P* “ [annotation: even though she yelled this name at least 20 times next to my ear, I didn’t understand it even once. Therefore this abbriviation. Imagine some complicated name with „P“ for it ;o) ]. She starts walking. We, amongst a lot of other people, follow her – probably looking like soldiers on the way to be arrested. Rain showers moved on to continuous rain.

9:40am: arrival at Sunset Beach in – guess what – pouring rain. We are even more soaked then we already were (even though I didn’t think that this would be possible). The speedboat lays in the water, a few meters from the beach. Some people are busy searching for their bags, some already found them and walk through the water to get them to the boat. The nice lady with the pink umbrella is even more tense and stressed out then she was before (even though I didn’t think THAT would be possible). She is jumping up and down, pointing to the boat like a flight controller, yelling: „Koh Bulone, Koh Muk, Koh Hai, Koh Lanta, not Koh P*!!“ People running here and there. Some try to get on the boat. The lady: „No!! No passengers yet! first all bags! [yelling at the crew:] then count the seats how many passengers have space!“ [annotation: I still don’t get the sense in this order…]

9:55am: a couple seems to have asked the lady something. she: „NO!! I told you! Not Koh P*! You are going to Koh P*? And your bags are already on the boat? Oh my god! No! I said NOT Koh P*! No!“ Everyone even more in uproar in order to find their bags again and get them down.

10:00 am:We put on some lifejackets and took some seats on the speedboat. It does have a roof though it is open on the sides and therefore the rain is coming in anyway. a lot. and cold.

10:10am-2:45pm: bumpy journey to Koh Hai with loads of waves and hard crashes down on the water. Hard wind. Rain from all directions. We reach Koh Hai freezing and soaked (still/again) but safe and sound thanks to an exceptionally great speedboat driver and an awesome crew after some stopps and seasick people (thanks goodness we are sitting in the front a little higher). Annotation: roller coasters are kindergarten.

3:00pm: We are picked up by a longtailboat. The people at CoCo Cottage are all friendliness and welcome us: „Oh dear! What happend to you? Do you need drys clothes? Do you need bandages or plasters for your knee?? Something to drink? Come in! Come in!“ since 4pm: desperate try to get all (!) our clothes dry with 95% of humidity. Great food. Sunshine.

11:50 pm: totally exhausted we are going to bed. Christian: „Kathi, do you want to read your wet book?“ Apparently after a day like today the quality of a book doesn’t matter any more (he could have said „great book“ or whatever) but the condition of it.

Due to the weather conditions we have no pictures of this day but a whole storage of unforgettable memories :o)

10 Kommentare auf “„Would you like to read your wet book?“ notes of our travels”

  1. Teena sagt:

    CHECK, CHECK, CHECK! I see you guys enjoying ooooh! Told Kathi already to drink more Mekong Whisky so that you can throw up rythmically when surfing the ocean…..Enjoy the left-overs of your book and take care…I always had the impression that Thailand just seems to be chaotic, in reality it is all a big act to entertain you guys and make you stronger for the North :)
    Hope to get more stories soon…I seriously nearly wet myself laughing ;)

  2. Conny sagt:

    *weglach* Ochjeeee ihr armen Pupsies xDDD Ich hoffe die nächsten „Abenteuer“ werden weniger….feucht…. thihi
    Ich weiß, es ist gemein^^ Aber dank des Schreibstils und meiner unbändigen Fantasie, hab ich mich hier grad tierisch beeumelt vor Lachen xDD

  3. Kathi sagt:

    Ach quatsch, wir hatten wirklich einen unvergesslich lustigen Tag :o) Freut mich, dass ihr an dem Bericht Spaß habt :o) Das nächste Abenteuer könnte allerdings wirklich weniger feucht werden… haben immer noch nicht alles wieder trocken, ich muss vielleicht meine festen Schuhe entsorgen, denn momentan sind sie noch kein Stück trockener geworden und erkältet sind wir auch etwas (*surprise, surprise*). Wir aber schon wieder besser :o)

  4. Anke sagt:

    Ihr könnt euch zumindest nicht beklagen. euer Trip wäre bisher langweilig.
    Hoffe Kathi’s Knie hats nicht zu sehr erwischt.

    Liebe Grüße von zu Hause


  5. Nette sagt:

    Hallo ihr Lieben,
    Freue mich über euren Bericht und Bilder.Hoffe ihr habt den Monsun bald überstanden.
    übrigens: das Päckchen ist doch ‚gelandet’…….große Freude!!!!

  6. Optiver test sagt:

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  7. Lynda Kazmi sagt:

    hey I interested in the Homepage theme you’r using. What’s the name of it? Or is it a custom made one? :)

  8. Katja und Andy sagt:

    wir vermissen euch…und warten auf Neuigkeiten…aber ihr werdet zur Zeit wohl nicht die Möglichkeit haben, online zu gehen.
    Sind in Gedanken bei euch und wünschen euch ein schönes Weihnachtsfest bei 30 Grad:-)
    Alles liebe
    Katja und Andy

    • Kathi sagt:

      heute haben wir endlich Internet gefunden, was nicht schon beim Aufbau der gmx-Seite zusammen bricht :o) euch auch frohe, besinnliche und gemuetliche Weihnachten! Vermissen euch… immer wieder laufen wir durch die Stadt und denken „oh das koennten wir jetzt mit Andy und Katja machen“oder „hey guck mal das waer doch was fuer…. nein, das koennen wir jetzt nicht mitschleppen *hmpf* “ :o) …lasst es euch gut gehen! Waermende Sonnenstrahlen aus Kambodscha :o*