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(Back-)Country Roads

After we spent and enjoyed what felt like forever in Fiordland, it was time to move on. Our new destination: Queenstown! And how do you best explore such a region? Right, crusing around on the countless gravelroads with even more countless bumps and road holes. The good thing is that there are not many cars and therefore plenty of opportunities for stopping and taking photos :-)

We didn’t know before but apparently there are certain differences in the classification of gravel roads. The real and proper „backcountry roads“ are not particularly Hank-compatible as there are a number of fords to be crossed…

Shortly before „Paradise“ (that was the name of the village) Hank had to accept not to be a 4×4 and this time could not keep up with the big ones…

Our first destination are the Mavora Lakes as there is supposed to be a very nice camp ground. In case you ever end up here and enjoy camping just as much as we do: this campground is highly recommended then! After pitching up our tent there is still enough time to walk over to the North Lake and watch out for dusk.

nothern Mavora Lake

It’s simply great to be here (and we are also a bit looking forward to dinner :-) )

Usually we try to publish only one picture of one theme..but even after loads of discussions we couldn’t get to an agreement. Therefore we decided to post all of the pictures from the sunrise at the southern Mavora Lake. In case it bores you, scroll on. In case you would like to participate in our discussion, please do and tell us which one you like best!

Dawn at the southern Mavora Lake: 1

Dawn at the southern Mavora Lake: 2

Dawn at the southern Mavora Lake: 3

Dawn at the southern Mavora Lake: 4

Dawn at the southern Mavora Lake: 5

After that we drove on to Moke Lake which is situated between Queenstown and Glenorchy. One more night of camping and then 4 days in Queenstown. Queenstown is a dream for every adrenaline junky or those who love extreme sports; it is one of the most (if not THE most) touristy place(s) in New Zealand with a lot of night life to offer. Consequently we used this… to do nothing at all. Apart from doing our laundry we really didn’t do much in Queenstown. And we enjoyed every moment of it :-)

Queenstown really is diffent from the rest of New Zealand… the atmosphere here is greatly influenced by the tourists – even the shops in the mall are open until 10pm (whereas even the petrol stations on the rest of the island usually close at 5pm)

The road to Moke Lake on a grey day

Jane Austen vs rain – 1 : 0 Jane Austen

curiosities on a gravel road. Shooting holes in road signs seems to be a hobby for some Kiwis. Here obviously some big game hunter had a lot of fun…

on the way to Queenstown

view from our window in Queenstown

view from our window in Queenstown (tribute to Doro)

dawn at Lake Wakatipu

tourists form Queenstown’s atmosphere… but on a second look there are also some nice outcomes of it

Queenstown at night

only Queenstown can adapt every „event“ for their tourists… But at least 2$ out of the 19$ will be a donation for victims from the ChCh earthquake…generous indeed.

After so much quiet time and relaxation we can’t wait to get active again. And besides, it’s time for a new hike! Exploring a region by hiking rather then cruising works much better anyway :-) It’s a good thing we met Daniel again so we can walk together and share the costs for transportation. So we go on the Routeburn Track – a 3 day hike between Fiordland and Central Otago. The Routeburn is said to be one of the most beautiful „Great Walks“ of New Zealand… it starts from the Milford Road so therefore we go back to Te Anau first.

dusk in Te Anau

The beginning of the Routeburn Track.

On the Routeburn Track -Lake Howden

On the Routeburn Track

On the Routeburn Track

On the Routeburn Track – orientation

On the Routeburn Track – climb at Lake Mackenzie

On the Routeburn-Track – view on Hollyford Valley all the way up to Martin’s Bay and the Tasman sea (at least to be imagined) in the very far distance

On the Routeburn Track – view on the Hollyford Valley, blocked by us :-)

On the Routeburn Track – Lake Harris

On the Routeburn Track – clouds coming up

On the Routeburn Track – Routeburn-Falls

On the Routeburn Track -Chris doing whatever with his tripod

On the Routeburn Track – Daniel enjoys his breakfast at the Routeburn-Falls hut. A true Bavarian :-)

On the Routeburn Track

On the Routeburn Track

On the Routeburn Track

5 Kommentare auf “(Back-)Country Roads”

  1. Wenka sagt:

    Hallöchen ihr beiden :)
    ERSTER!!! ; )
    Zu Eurer Umfrage „Morgenstimmung am Mavora-See“: Sowohl meinem Freund als auch mir gefallen die Bilder 2 und 5 am besten.
    Viele liebe Grüße ans andere Ende der Welt,

  2. Hannah sagt:

    1 und 3!

  3. Nette sagt:

    Hallo ihr beiden,
    bin so froh,dass ihr diesen walk so gut geschafft habt, übrigens:Bild 1 +2 des Sonnenaufgangs gefallen mir am besten, man kann quasi den Kampf der Sonne mit den wolkenverhangenen Bergen spüren……Die eingefangene Stimmung ist einfach grandios. Wenn ich mir so eure Bilder angucke, so gibt es reichlich mit absolut tollen sunrise-Stimmungen……..seid ihr inzwischen zu Frühaufstehern mutiert??????? Wünsch euch weiterhin einen Sack voll Lebensfreude…..

    • Kathi sagt:

      Da kann man mal sehen, wie unterschiedlich die Meinungen sind, oder? :o) Mir gefallen die ersten beiden und das letzte Bild auch am besten, aber ich konnte mich trotzdem nicht dazwischen entscheiden, weil ich beim ersten den Nebel schöner fand und beim zweiten den Vordergrund… Dieses Gras fasziniert uns hier immer wieder aufs Neue weil es so einfach ist und trotzdem so viele unterschiedliche Farbschattierungen hat.
      ich…äh.. bin eher für die Abendstimmungen zuständig ;o) Nee, mal im Ernst, zu meiner Schande muss ich eingestehen, dass das mit den Frühaufstehern in der Regel nur auf Chris zutrifft… ich schaff es meistens nicht aus dem kuscheligen Schlafsack raus…aber ich arbeite daran :o) Jetzt wo der Herbst angefangen hat, ist die Sonnenaufgangsstimmung auch zu viel freundlicheren Zeiten!

  4. Raewyn sagt:

    Once again, fantastic photos and great commentary. Always great to read about our place from another’s perspective :-)