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on old and new ways

Time is running through our fingers like sand. It has been a long time since we last took particular notice of dates or the days of the week – we had only thought until the next hike, planned until the next destination, waited for the end of the rain. Some of you might smile now and think this is one of the luxuries of travellers… but I assure you that ignorance turned out to be an exceptional bad method for trying to hold on to time. Sooner or later the cognition of the whole situation washes over you like an icy cold wave. You have no idea how surprised we were, waking up one morning finding it to be cold, autumn and almost Easter as well! We wanted to be on our way to Indonesia by now and we did not even make it to the North Island yet.

Caught up in this flush of panic and the following phase of replanning and reorganization we relinquished project „waiting for sunshine in Golden Bay“ and went off to visit my host-family instead which lives in Port Ligar – 70ks north of Highway 6 Nelson – Picton on the north-western end of the Marlborough Sounds. When I was in New Zealand in 2004/05 I used to do some wwoofing here like I already did at Bob’s place. But there was not planting trees on the schedule of the Shand family, as they happen to have a farm of mussels, sheep and cattle. Four out of the ten children are still home-schooled by Raewyn, the mother of the family, whereas the rest of the already grown up kids are scattered around New Zealand and Australia by now to live their own lives. I kept in touch with Raewyn via Facebook only every now and then but constantly over the last few years and now I could not wait to see the family again in the beauty and loneliness of the Marlborough Sounds.

On the way to Port Ligar through the Marlborough Sounds

A mussel farm on the way to Port Ligar through the Marlborough Sounds

Port Ligar

down by the jetty

down by the jetty

down by the jetty

down by the jetty

Mahalia feeding the chickens

jellyfish amidst a mussel farm

Sebastian, one of the sons, is working 4 days/week constantly on a boad on mussel farms in the Marlborough Sounds

Actually Chris and I only wanted to stay for 2 nights at the Shand’s. But on the evening before our departure they invited us to come along on a hunting and fishing trip to D’Udville Island. The island is situated at the northern end of the Marlborough Sounds and is inhabitated apart from a ranger and some summer houses. D’Urville Island has no or barely any tourism and therefore this invitation was a unique opportunity for us to see this place :o)

Azzan – with 8 years he is the youngest of the whole bunch


on the way to D’Urville Island

chatting and laughing with Mahalia and Azzan on the way to D’Urville Island

chatting and laughing with Mahalia and Azzan on the way to D’Urville Island

Tim and his son Anzon prepare the guns for the hunting trip

fishing along the way for dinner

fishing along the way for dinner

Anson filleting the freshly caught fish right away

Azzan and Mahalia playing with a raft

Azzan and Mahalia playing with a raft

Azzan having some sun-appreciation-time

The Camp – the tent slept 9 people and even survived the big storm in the first night with only some tears :o)

Shoshanna at the top of the hill enjoying the evening light with us

passing the time with Cornelia Funke’s „Inkspell“ while Chris is taking photos of the sunset

shortly before sunset

Mahalia is always quick to be enthused for anything… sunsets, the play of the colours on the hills, cliffs, waves… and always a welcome and intersting conversational partner


Anson’s hunting success

Tim picking up the hunting party with the dinghy…

…while Chris is allowed to steer the boad



When we left Port Ligar, we gave Golden Bay one last chance. But the weather was not too promising and so we left again after 1 1/2 days and got back to Nelson to our so far favourite hostel – the Almond House. Here we have been for the past 3 days, waiting for the end of the rain, having a very nice Easter with very nice people who live in this hostel, laugh a lot, play games and cook together. Tomorrow we will leave for Picton where we will catch the ferry at 6 pm for the North Island :o)

Pupu Springs – the purest water in the southern hemisphere

sunset at Wharariki Beach

black swans in the wetlands of Collingwood

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2 Kommentare auf “on old and new ways”

  1. Conny sagt:

    Hach^^ Bis auf die „Jagdtdingsbums-.-“ bin ich mal wieder so hin und weg xD Hab ewig nicht geguckt (weil ich iwie immer nur über Facebook zu euch komme und da lange nich war) und hatte jetzt viel zum nachlesen^^ GEIL! Ich lese eure Berichte immer nur gaaanz alleine, weil ich’s so schön finde das oft ein paar Tränchen kullern x.x Und weil ich ja eine harte Eule bin, mach ich das lieber alleins *lol**hust* xD Also dann bis zum nächsten Bericht^^

  2. Raewyn sagt:

    We were so thrilled to have you both to visit. And to see you once again Kathi. I am very very glad you got to experience D’Urville Island with the family and even better, a successful hunting trip :-)

    I am also glad you got to Golden Bay and although you say you didn’t spend much time there, you did get to Wharariki Beach. I hope you will return to us soon xxxxxx