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Going south

Hello everybody!
While Chris is busy creating a wonderful dinner for us, I try to do something useful as well: trying to put the experiences of the last few days in a nutshell.
As we already mentioned in our last message, we didn’t manage to bond with the spirit of Bangkok.. noisy, smog, constant traffic jams… we went to a few markets but as they were very touristy (with Shirts on the level of „I fucked in Bangkok“), we didn’t like them… but we had lots of fun anyway. For example, there was this one market which was situated in the middle of one of Bangkok’s redlight-areas. This made it quite hard to concentrate on the market as such because every 3 meters a person came up to you, trying to convince you to go to his club where you could see „hot shows“ with „pussy ping-pong“, „Pussy eating banana“, „pussy blowing out candle“ etc… you only had to take your pick and the show was on! So we abandoned the plan of finding something useful on this market and rather sat down at a bar opposite the „Super-Pussy-Club“, enjoying ourselves by watching the people trying to convince each and everyone to come to their pussy-shows.. no matter if it was a teenie-girl or a father, walking by with his two little kids.
Thursday we borded the plane to Auckland/New Zealand and the stop over in Sydney already gave us a brief idea which prices we were to expect from now on. You have no idea how happy little things can make you such as street signs you can actually read or rain that does not smell of smog. Well, we shouldn’t have been so enthousiastic about the rain… therefore there was plenty of it and constantly for 3 days which made our mission „find a car on the car markets in Auckland“ kind of hard. But we found one in the end… we called it Hank and it’s a Toyota Carina in an appealing Rotorua-mud-colour from 1990 (jep, Hank is as old as my younger brother but unfortunately his condition is not as good as my brother’s. But then again, who could beat Christoph anyway :o) ). The next few days were quite unspectacular as we were busy getting organised for camping and road trips.
On Thursday, we decided very spontaneously to drive on to Turangi so we could do the Tongariro Crossing – an alpine walk of 19.4 km through the Tongariro National Park, if the weather would be good enough. (For those who don’t know the Park: Here they filmed the scenes of Mordor and Mount Doom from The Lord of the Rings movie). The weather in the National Park can change very quickly and therefore it’s quite hard to plan the trip way in advance. It can take days or even weeks if you are waiting for the right weather conditions, therefore it’s better just to have a look and be spontaneous. Anyway, the weather forecast was good so we got on the track through the impressive and rough but wonderful landscape. Even though it took us almost 9 hours instead of the from the Department of Conservation intended 6-8, we made it without getting into trouble with Chris‘ spine (or, to be fair, with my stamina, which turned out to be a greater problem than Cris‘ slipped disks) :o)
(At this point, I (Christian) have to put the records straight in order to keep to reality a bit more. Quote Kathi after 2 hours hiking: „Hiking is awesome. With every step you get the feeling of having achieved and experienced something! *beaming and full of happiness*. After 8.5 hours and approximately 600 meters before the end; (*heated face, silent for the past few minutes and abviously in a bad mood*) I asked her wheter everything is alright, she couldn’t hold it any longer: „I so hate hiking! Sports is horrible and I can’t think of anything else than how to hit the stupid bus driver with his stupid 4pm-deadline in the face with my walking poles!… besides, I’m convinced my body is not made for sports and I never liked it anyway!!)
Today we didn’t do that much apart from eating and packing for obvious reasons such as sore muscles and blisters (well, in my case anyway) :o) But soon we will be on the road again – heading down to Wellington in order to catch the ferry tomorrow morning to get to the South Island.

Wairere falls

first camping near Rotorua

view from our tent in the morning

almost at the top of the Red Crater

over the emerald lakes

view back to Mount Ngauruhoe (or „Mount Doom“ in the terminology of The Lord of the Rings)

from here on it’s only 1100 meters down ;o)

3 Kommentare auf “Going south”

  1. Caro sagt:

    Oh, das ist toll. Das schaut wirklich aus wie Mordor.
    Bin sehr gespannt auf eure Berichte, überlegen schon ne Weile ob wir auch mal dahin fahren.
    Wünsch euch viel Spaß und wenig Regen!

  2. Ha, die Wanderung hab ich damals auch gemacht (und auch fast die gleichen Fotos von den Schwefelseen :-)). Am Ende fühlt man sich echt wie einer aus nem Survival-Film. Bei mir ist damals das Wetter radikal umgeschlagen, als ich oben war – bin fast umgeweht worden. Hach, war das cool :-).

  3. Nette sagt:

    Bei den Bildern werden die Erinnerungen ja soooooooo lebendig.Trotz des ‚Tangos‘ war man ja damals von der Aussicht bzw. Landschaft schon so begeistert; jetzt auf den tollen Bildern sieht man erst,wie schön es dort wirklich ist. Ich hoffe, dass du mit diesem Ausflug das Tongariro-Trauma überwinden konntest.—-