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on the ferry to the South Island

There we were shortly after our arrival on the South Island… stuck in Picton because Chris and I didn’t find a way around Lesson No.3 of our project „our life together“: communication (Lesson 1 was „orientation on the streets of Thailand“ and lesson 2 „how to organise your life with 4 m³ of stuff in a car and pitching up a tent with teamwork“). Due to a tiny misunderstanding we forgot our hiking boots in Turangi right after the Tongariro Crossing… but we found a nice guy who planned on coming down south just 2 days later so here we are in Picton, waiting for Daniel.

…waiting… (clouds-in-sunset-appreciation time)

…waiting… (landscape and sunshine appreciation time)

Hanging out on a lovely camp site, waiting and asking ourselves, what else we could do here.

And when Daniel and our hiking boots were there we got an excellent idea: The Queen Charlotte Track – a 3-4 day walk through the Fjords of the Marlborough Sounds. And since Daniel was hanging out here now anyway, he decided to come along.

It’s hard to grasp that for only 1 hour of going out by boat, it will take us 4 days to walk back. They bring us to Ship’s Cove – the bay where Captain James Cook set foot on the New Zealand Islands for the first time and came back again and again as it was easier to repair the ships in the traquil water. There is a memorial with heaps of information boards which remember of the history of Ship’s Cove. But we better go now. 71 kilometers to go… so we start off with a climb through wonderful forest.

The lookout after the first climb… that was exhausting! We realise there is no way Hans-Peter will take us with him hiking in the mountains when he is going the next time… so we better work on that…

Wildlife on the way: a weka, nosy and cheeky

The „best“ idea Chris and I have had that day: of course we went up to the lookout, even though we were already worried wether we could make the 24 km on that day without breaking down… it just gave us an extra 2 kilometers return of extra-steep climbing! we got to the top, totally in a sweat and exhausted, clinging on to our walking poles… thank goodness Hans-Peter couldn’t see us. An exchange of looks that meant „training… getting in better shape so Hans-Peter can take us hiking“ *sweat*, okay, stop wining, keep going.

on the evening of the 3rd day we got to our camp site in this wonderful bay – Mistletoe Bay. Swimming and sun-appreciation-time worked so well that we could walk on the next day even without pain despite our blisters :o)

Farewell Mistletoe Bay

Almost there! (And no, I really do not want to hear any more jokes about „where are your skis“)

a nice guy in our dorm who made some music for us to cheer us up because we got 2 fines for no parking ticket while we were away and were now supposed to pay 80$. In fact, we did purchase a ticket but the wind blew it over when we closed the door….

I called the district office 2 days later and tried to explain the whole thing – the officer was more concerned wether I had fun on the track and didn’t get sunburned and of course deleted the fine… I should rather spend my money on something nice, he said.

4 Kommentare auf “When rain water becomes the best you’ve ever tasted”

  1. Teena sagt:

    Yaiihhh! Sounds awesome….ok, here comes an idea…if you guys are in such great shape by now: why don`t we meet up in Tanzania end of the year and do the Kili?? Seriosuly thinking about it…come on!

  2. Was bin ich neidisch…..

  3. Raewyn sagt:

    Great photos Katie. Am really enjoying your blog and look foward to seeing you soon.

  4. Anke Schultze sagt:

    Hach ja… Neuseeland …. *seufz* …. Dirk und ich haben jetzt mal 2012 ins Auge gefaßt und wollen dann zumindest mal wieder dort Urlaib machen ….

    Ganz Liebe Grüße ans andere Ende der Welt !!!!!

    Anke … :o)