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June 23rd – 30st 2011

The feelings running through our heads before take off in Indonesia were hard to describe. On the one hand we couldn’t wait to get back to Auckland and wander through the well known streets of the suburb Mount Eden. But on the other hand it was not that simple…

I think we were not ready for Indonesia. It is such a wonderful country, diversified and with a people which I could not have imagined more hospitable. But we were not enough… what? not open-minded enough? not flexible enough? not „energised“ enough? I have several expressions in mind but none of them really seem to fit. I think one can narrow it down to the fact that after more than six month of travelling and being constantly on the move we were simply too tired. New Zealand spoilt us in terms of independence and security – we had our own car and could do whatever we wanted and whenever we felt like it. And in Indonesia we were dependent on others again. How do we get from one place to the other? Is there public transport available (which is compatible with Chris’ slipped disks)? What is a normal price? Are we ripped off (again)? Where can we get a car and a driver? Is it safe there? We don’t speak Bahasa – is there someone who can help us communicate? And always negotiating about the prices, no matter where.

I am fairly sure that we would have liked Indonesia best from all the Asian countries we could visit if we hadn’t been so “tired”. This people with its heart-warming smile and friendliness warms up even the grumpiest Westerner. I think we have to give Indonesia and us another chance some time :o)

We landed in wintry Auckland on Friday morning in cosy 10°C and drizzle rain. And yet we were happy beyond compare and had a feeling like coming home. Either New Zealand is more our thing or we are simply creatures of habit (probably both)… we passed the weekend with drinking our favourite coffee, cooking our favourite dishes in our favourite hostel, celebrating mid-winter-half-Christmas with the girls Sandra and Rebecca who are still staying there ever since the first time we arrived in Bamber House and wandering through Auckland (and maybe also a little bit with repacking and doing our laundry) :o)

On Monday we got on a plane (the 22nd since we left Frankfurt in December) and flew to Fiji – which THE party-place for New Zealand – much like Mallorca almost being the 17th county for Germany ;o). From there we left on Tuesday and passed the great time portal, landing in Samoa on Monday again (almost 24h before so to say). Sounds funny, but it is easy to explain with the time zones (Fiji GMT +12 and Samoa GMT -11) :o) Here the humid-hot weather got back at us and we pass our time with acclimatisation until we leave on Thursday for Hawaii :o)

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    It sounds to me like you are very ready to go home ;-) I am in Auckland now – sorry to have missed you. I arrived on 30th and leave tomorrow. It is funny to hear you talk about Mt Eden – feels like I am following your footsteps in the city!! Enjoy relaxing in Samoa and Hawaii xxxxx