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The floating villages

After the sunrise in Angkor Wat, the crowds and the feeling of way-too-much-tourism here, we have had enough of the temples and all we wanted was getting out of here to the countryside.

Of course we could count on our great tuk-tuk driver Mr Wet and he suggested to drive out to the so called „floating villages“. That’s it! I wanted to go there anyways but being totally soaked up in the Tomb Raider feeling, I had totally forgotten about that :o) After some discussions because I didn’t want to go to the one close by but to Kampong Phluk, one that is further away and therefore less touristy, we started right away.

Already the journey to the ferry was absolutely great. Early morning sunshine, a little mist in the air and we drive through all these little quiet villages which line up on the road. Whenever children see the tuk-tuk, they run up to the side of the road, smile and wave. Absolutely wonderful!

Also very breathtaking was the way through the „flooded forests“, which stand in water completely during the monsoon, we arrived Kampong Phluk. There we could see the small town with all its houses built on stilts about 6m high above the water. Very impressive! These towns are totally independant beside the lake and have everything they need: a school, a doctor, shops etc. During the dry seasons the men of the village move to the middle of the lake and live temporarily in houses they built on rafts so they can continue fishing.

Right after we got off the boat, we were already in the middle of the village life. Some kids were playing on the dusty road (remember it’s the dry season right now) and invited us to join their game with some kind of a shuttlecock. The mood was jolly and cheerful – no matter where you went or looked, smiley and friendly people everywhere. Dazzled by the sun, I couldn’t distinguish the little boy in front of me properly apart from his silhouette. He was playing with something I couldn’t quite see. When I protected my eyes from the sun I realised it’s a snake the boy was playing naturally with around either his neck or arm. The time in Kampong Phluk was flying and too soon we had to say goodbye. The long journey back in the wonderful late-afternoon light gave us the possibility to be lost in thoughts and process everything we saw, learnt and experienced that day.

Well, then it said „packing“ on our schedule and prepare for a new part of our trip… See you in North Thailand then! Cambodia impressed us very deeply and we already aggreed that we defenitely have to come back!

Fisherwomen are cooking

early practice brings expertise.

that green stuff is not lawn but water plants

Fisherman repairing his net

those eye lashes are for real!

2 Kommentare auf “The floating villages”

  1. Conny Lopez sagt:

    Betrunken und nicht mehr gaaaaanz aufnahmefähig heute morgen bei Andi gesehn und für wundervoll befunden..mit dem zu erwartendem Grad an Wodka-emotionalität xDDD

  2. Helga sagt:

    Hallo Ihr Zwei,wünsche Euch,dass das was Ihr erlebt so faszinierend weitergeht!!!!!wenn ich die Fotos anschaue und die Berichte von Euch lese,sehne ich mich zu Euch…..ich kann nur sagen TOLL!!ganz,ganz liebe Grüsse die Helga :-)