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Paradise in Monsoon

After 4 hours of drive over bumpy roads in a mini van with a driver who ignored every possible speed limit as well as traffic rules (assuming there are any), we arrived in Satun in order to take the Speedboat to the little island Koh Lipe. This island is so tiny that you could make a detour around it an approx. 1 hour (in case you don’t get stuck in the mud). As Koh Lipe has no proper quay so we had to change to a longtailboat in the middle of the ocean with all our stuff and trying not to fall in (or let our cameras fall in). This boat brought us to our backpackers – The Bila Beach Resort – which is a lovely place, situated on a wonderful sandy and lonely beach with bamboo houses built up the hill in the jungle. The bathrooms are open air with cold showers with sea view and a toilet you have to flush yourself with the water bucket next to it… yeah, since the Monsoon is still not ending, one has to consider a lot before going there („how heavy is the rain and how cold? is it better to take a rain jacket? or is it better take as many clothes on or off as possible? … :oD )

We always have great fun going over to the other side of the island to Pattaya Beach where we have dinner at the „Family Restaurant“.
In front of the kitchen window there are children playing or hanging in a swing, sometimes they are asked to bring over some plates to the tables which are set up in the sand. This special romantic scene is completed with the plastic chairs and the candle covers which are crafted out of empty plastic bottles. But eating fish and sea food couldn’t possibly be better or more fresh: the practically still moving fish is laying right next to the BBQ where the guests can pick one and the chef will take it, cut a slice, weigh it and put it directly on the BBQ… At first, we were a bit intimidated by the whole scene with the guy and his bloody and slimey fingers guestering in a most animated way in front of the guests to offer his fish and seafood but after a while of watching we found it quite funny and gave it a try. And as I said, we have had the most wonderful fish and seafood (well, I had fish and Chris fish and seafood ;o) ) :o)
Here in the Bila Beach Resort we have spent 3 out of our 4 nights so far and we have to admit we didn’t do much more than having messages, eating, hanging around in hammocks, snorkeling, swimming and reading… a wonderful and relaxing start for our trip, especially now that Chris‘ back is not hurting so much any more. Tomorrow morning at 8.30 our longtailboat-taxi is (hopefully) picking us up in order to bring us to the ferry that gets us to our next stop: Koh Ngai. Lets hope the bar Mia Luna shows a bit of mercy and will not party all night with Techno again till 7 o’clock in the morning…


driver of a longtailboat

wonderful place to have breakfast

Bila Beach Resort

Bila Beach Resort

Bila Beach Resort – basin with oceanview :o)

on the way to Pattaya Beach

at the center of the island

Pattaya Beach

at the center of the island

in a cookshop

Pattaya Beach

sunset at Pattaya Beach

5 Kommentare auf “Paradise in Monsoon”

  1. Hey Weltenbummler!

    danke für die ausführliche Beschreibung, die tollen Bilder und eure gute Stimmung! Hier sinds matschige 0-3°C, perfektes Tauwetter… nass-kalt-eklig :P

    Würde gerne mit etwas warmen Monsun tauschen *heul*

  2. Conny sagt:

    OMG ich bin so neidisch^^ das sieht wunderschön aus! xDDD

  3. Heiko & Sandra sagt:

    Schöne Bilder, hört sich nach einem gelungenen Start in euer Abenteuer an :-)

  4. Christian sagt:

    Hi, toller Reisebericht, in Gedanken bei euch, Wo findet ihr eigentlich immer den Internetanschluß?
    Hier nur Arbeit und lausiges Wetter.
    Gruß Papa

  5. Chris sagt:


    schön das euch der Blog bisher gefällt :-) Internet kriegt man in Thailand wohl überall, sogar auf einer 4.5 qkm großen Insel….

    @Pit: Schön das du unseren Blog gefunden hast, ich hatte irgendwie am Ende dann doch nicht mehr die Zeit allen eine Email zu schreiben… Wir werden versuchen hier regelmäßig was zu schreiben!

    Danke für die lieben Worte, Wünsche und Grüße!