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So many great massages we have had… of course I want to learn that was well! So I decided to stay in Chiangmai for one more week (and let Chris explore the beauties of the north east alone for a bit). After a bit of research on the internet, I mangaged to decide on a school that I liked: the Thai Massage School Shivagokomarpaj (since I’ve already had so many questions about this school from several people, I give you the link: http://www.thaimassageschool.ac.th/). Right from the beginning, I liked the staff members a lot which convinced me that I picked the right school. When I arrived for my foot massage course shortly before nine on Saturday morning, my teacher Fay welcomed me, totally excited and in aproar: the receptionist Pin (who is by the way the heart and soul of the school and absolutely great), forgot that there actually is no class this weekend because of New Years Day. But since I couldn’t do the class on the next weekend, she accepted me as her student anyway and I got the most intense class ever with one teacher all to myself. Each day I got approx. 2 hours of demonstration and then 4 hours of practice on the model (which was either Lida (a teacher), Pin, or students who had free time). Way too early the course finished on Sunday afternoon after my exam – a one hour foot massage.
As our hostel was only booked until Monday and Chris was eager to get out of Chiangmai to have a look around, I moved to the school’s „Old Medicine Hospital“ for my second massage course. Here the teachers and other staff members work after class and on the 3rd floor there are two dorm rooms for the students as well as a practice room. In the evenings we were meeting there in order to learn and practice together. As I’m one of the very few students who did not came from all over the world just to attend Thai Massage classes at this school and is not a massage therapist, I did not dare to participate in the Thai Massage course but rather decided on an Oil-Massage course. But as we practiced together I had the chance to learn a lot from them anyway and since I gladly volonteered as a model, I received massages for hours :o)
Unfortunately, Chris had to cancel his travel plans and had to come back to Chiangmai eventually as he got food poisoning. By now he is much better and even less crotchety ;o) We will restart our explore-the-north-plan together on Monday then :o)

during the foot massage course

during the foot massage course

during the foot massage course

Fay and me

prayers like every morning at nine and every afternoon at four

Pin got the wrong line of the prayer

Pin got the wrong line of the prayer


my favourite massage model and my teachers: Pin, Poi, Fay and Ao

in our dorm room

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  1. Hannah sagt:

    Oh, please, here, here! Practice on me, when you come back!!! Hugs and kisses, sweetie!

  2. Einfach klasse! Ich selbst geniesse hier in Deutschland regelmässig Thaimassagen und finde es gibt kaum etwas Entspannenderes :)

    Eine andere Frage: Ich bin mir absolut sicher, daß einige Bekannte und Freunde von Brauni Interesse hätten den Blog mitzulesen. Aus diesem Grunde wollte ich fragen, ob ich den Link des Blogs im Forum veröffentlichen darf.

    Viele Grüße und gute Besserung an Christian

    • Kathi sagt:

      Hey Pitt! :o)
      Find ich auch, das ist etwas, was ich definitiv vermissen werde, wenn wir aus Thailand wegfahren… Vielleicht finde ich ja ein paar interessierte Leute, die mal Lust haben, eine Art Massagehaus mit mir auf einem Con zu machen :o)
      Sehr gerne darfst du den Link weitergeben! Liebe Grüße auch von Christian!

      • Die Idee ist fantastisch! Allerdings müsste man schauen das es wirklich Häuser sind… auf dem Weinfest wurde vor Jahren mal was versucht, es war zwar schön aber es war ziemlich ungemütlich :)!

        Link wird veröffentlicht, danke! Damit andere mit euch träumen können!