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Hello everyone :o)
we arrived safely in Thailand – though safely unfortunately does not necessarily apply for „well“… one word to all people travelling far who have troubles with slipped disks: try to avoid British Airways… They suck.

In order to get used to the heat we spent our first night about half an hour north of Krabi (south Thailand) in a lovely Mountain Resort. As a start to our journey we had the possibility to enjoy wonderful mountain view, huge butterflies, palm trees and all sorts of wonderful nature we forgot about during the last arctic wintery days back home.

Since noon we are wandering around the town center of Krabi but it is pouring down with rain constantly… Luckily thanks to the 30°C we are in no danger whatsoever to freeze ;o) I personally think it’s great – humid, yes, but not too hot and hey, I’m still alive and not simply melting away.

We will stay here for the night and will be picked up at 7 am and start the 7-hour- journey to the tiny island Koh Li Pe… We are quite excited but also a bit nervous what we will find and see there.

Dinner at the night market at the Pier

(dinner at the night market at the pier)

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  1. Conny Lopez sagt:

    Wir denken hier ganz doll an euch^^ Katja hat übrigens geflennt! Ha! So ich habs verraten^^ Habt ganz viel Spaß! <3

  2. muhahaha… broken „Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_get_current_user() in /is/htdocs/wp1174845_8YYRYLMU27/www/blog/wp-includes/capabilities.php on line 1059“ ;)