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July 21st – 24th 2011

We landed in Anchorage/Alaska at 1.40 am. Katie’s dream-destination of this travel trip! But to be honest, we didn’t really know what to expect or what it might be like :-)

22 hours of day light is what a lady told us at the airport in Hawai’i. But we couldn’t really believe it – nor trust our eyes when the plane touched down and the “night sky” resembled more dawn than a “middle of the night-dark”. It took a while for us to get used to that (as it turned out in the end six nights in total until we had a good night of refreshing sleep). We had our first dinner at what felt like 5 pm but it really was 11pm with the sun still bright and shiny :-)

We wanted to meet Annette and Christian, Katie’s parents, on Sunday who would come all the way from Germany to Alaska in order to go on the Inside-Passage-Cruise with us! We couldn’t wait to see them again so we got on a spontaneous road trip in order to kill some time and have a look around.

Our plan: going to Palmer and the Hatcher-Pass, using the Glenn-Highway and enjoying the impressive landscape views there; passing some glaciers, going to Paxson in order to get on the “Denali-Highway”! We bumped along for 135 miles of gravel all the way to the gateway to the Denali-National Park. We could just see Mount McKinley, the highest mountain in North America, disappearing into the clouds when we got there. From there we went back to Anchorage to be back in time for the arrival of Christian and Annette.

Once upon a time Alaska was called Alyeska which is the Aleut word for “the great land”. Huge indeed! In these 2 days we made 997 km, passing huge mountains, rivers and glaciers. And we enjoyed every single bit of it :-)

Fortunately we had our tent with us so we could stop along the way for sleeping wherever we felt like it… and as it turned out, Alaska is a lot more easy going when it comes to camping than Hawai’i (thank goodness for that). In a big country like this one where nature is rough and as it seems always a bit ahead in the competition with humankind, there is no waste on time and energy for thinking up unnecessary ways of achieving a camping permit (like in Hawai’i where someone obviously got a bit over-excited with bureaucracy). These guys here are content with honesty boxes for the camping fees and rather put up helpful information boards with hints for behaviour etc. in case of an encounter with bears and other possibly dangerous wild life :-)

Even though we just got here, Alaska fascinates us so much already! We can’t wait for Annette and Christian to arrive and explore even more of the deep wideness of this place. Brown bears, black bears, moose, humpback whales, orcas… there is so much to see! To put it in a nutshell, we got back on the spirit of Pippi Longstocking, a character from the children’s literature author Astrid Lindgren. Pippi once said: “There are so many wonderful things in this world… it is really of great importance that someone finds them.”

beautiful street name in Anchorage :-) We found this Boulevard – still full of enthusiasm – right after a presentation on Northern Lights

on the way to the Hatcher Pass

Picnic-lunch with pasta salad and French baguette on the Hatcher Pass

at the Hatcher Pass

somewhere along the Glenn-Highway

somewhere along the Glenn-Highway

somewhere along the Glenn-Highway

still in the same spot somewhere along the Glenn-Highway – but with a wide-angle lens ;o)

information board on a camp ground, explaining different possibilities of behaviour in case of an encounter with a bear

Matanuska glacier along the Glenn-Highway




8 Kommentare auf “Insomnia”

  1. Jan W. sagt:

    Oh Mann… Was für tolle Bilder aus Alaska.
    Viel Spaß dort!

    Viele Grüße

  2. oh wie toll! Ich will da auch hin!

  3. Raewyn sagt:

    That is a very gorgeous side track you have taken while waiting :-) Enjoy your travel with Annette & Christian – please give my greetings to your mother Kathi :-)

  4. Helga sagt:


  5. Helga sagt:

    Soooo klar und weit….schööön

  6. Volker sagt:

    Ich glaub Alaska eignet sich nur für Großaufnahmen, was? Von allen Euren Zielen habt Ihr jetzt auch mein heimliches Wunschziel erreicht. Nehmt soviel davon mit wie noch in Eure Erinnerungen passt.

  7. Sebi sagt:

    Das ist halt einfach ein schönen „Fleckchen“ Erde…

    Oh Mann…. Ich will auch wieder hin….


  8. Luisa sagt:

    oh man, obwohl ich gerade auf einer (fast) Suedseeparadiesartigen) Insel gwesen bin, bin ich total neidisch und will da auch hin! Das ist echt atemberaubend. @ Kathi: Sehr schoen, dass du weiterhin Christian beim fotographieren dokumentierst (ich kanns mir nur zu gut vorstellen)