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Alaska, the last shots

We arrived back home in Germany by now. Here are a few impressions of our last days in Alaska… but there will be another resuming Blog entry soon :o)

Sunset on our last ferry ride

Through the bush, „hunting“ bears :o)

Grizzly mom and cub having salmon for lunch. Fortunately, these were the only bears we met on our short 4.6 miles walk, as these ones were at a safe distance and busy eating. We didn’t think much of it when we started… but every one we met on the way was carrying either pepper spray or a gun.

When we were studying this sign, a little boy came by, approx. 4 years old and holding his daddy’s hand. He shot us and the sign a short look, looked up to his dad and asked „Did you bring your gun, dad?“ … children seem to grow up here with a different attitude to weapons, I suppose…

leftovers from the Grizzly’s lunch were recycled by the seagulls

beautiful landscape mirrored in the river. The atmosphere was so calm, absolutely fantastic…

The Exit Glacier shortly after sunset. It got its name because hikers use(d) it as an easy exit from the Harding Icefield

looking for moose

you don’t have to go to the deepest forests of Alaska to find moose. The fence around the airport area in Anchorage is a common and popular meeting point for them




shortly before our flight back home we realized how much space we still had in our backpacks… dangerous conclusion when you come by Toys ‚R Us… Patrick, does this stir any memories? :o) This time we managed to catch our flight and were not even too tight on schedule though ;o)

one last time looking for moose before we went to the airport for check in

14 hours transit in Los Angeles

1 Kommentar auf “Alaska, the last shots”

  1. Franc aka Pitt sagt:

    Hey ihr beiden,

    willkommen zurück in Good old Germany!
    Jede Reise geht irgendwann zu Ende… aber eure wird euch immer in den Köpfen bleiben und dank eurer Bilder auch uns!!

    Lg und danke für die Impressionen!